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Pet Spa Bath Services in Hatboro, PA

If you live in and around the Hatboro, PA and have furry friend who is in need of expert grooming services, then look no further than the groomers at Buck Road Pet Grooming Salon can help you today! When you book us an appointment today, you take the first steps to providing your companion with a truly great and enjoyable salon experience. Reach out today and call our Hatboro, PA pet salon professionals at (215) 364-2997 or fill out and submit a Appointment Request Form to get started!

Pet Spa Bath Services in Hatboro, PA
Dog Grooming Services in Hatboro, PA

Hatboro, PA Maintenance Pet Groom Services

Hatboro is a borough located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population is estimated around 7,360 residents. The family of Nicholas More settled the town on land purchased from William Penn in 1705. The titles of the town were issued in 1711. The Union Library Company of Hatboro was formed in 1755 which was the third library company to be founded in Pennsylvania. The first bank was formed in 1873 and the railroad service connected to Hatboro in 1874. The Loller Academy, Roberts and Mander Stove Company Buildings, and Union Library Company are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hatboro, PA Pet Spa Bath Dog Grooming

Hatboro, PA Spa Bath

In Hatboro, taking your pet to a spa bath may be just what they need to feel good! With soothing shampoo and conditioner, your pet will be feeling like brand new in our Hatboro pet grooming location!

Hatboro, PA Pet Maintenance Groom Pet Grooming

Hatboro, PA Maintenance Groom

Making sure that your pet receives routine grooming sessions can help keep them just as happy as when you got them! Bringing your pet to our Hatboro pet grooming salon for a maintenance groom will be what they need!

Hatboro, PA Full Pet Grooming Package Pet Grooming

Hatboro, PA Full Grooming Package

Does your pet need a full grooming package in the Hatboro area? Our pet grooming salon in Hatboro is open for nearly all pets to receive a full grooming package to help look & feel fresh again!

Hatboro, PA Pet Full Grooming

Hatboro, PA Pet Full Grooming

Our pet salon provides a full-service grooming service for your pet in Hatboro. Pet grooming is rarely a one-time event, with many different breeds needing various different grooming needs and the timetable for each pet or breed is different. Many different breeds need to be groomed every 4 to 12 weeks throughout their life to maintain a healthy looking skin and coat. Look no further than Buck Road Pet Grooming Salon, we understand that you are going to be grooming your pet often so we do everything in our power to make an enjoyable experience for both you and your companion. When you put your trust in us, your pet will be treated to a stress free and gentle grooming environment throughout the whole process. We pride ourselves in our ability to perform at the highest level of pet grooming in Hatboro. Put your trust in our gentle and compassionate Hatboro pet grooming salon.