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Pet Spa Bath Services in Southampton, PA

If you have a furry friend in need of professional grooming and live in or around the Southampton area, look no further than the groomers at Buck Road Pet Grooming Salon! When you book an appointment with us, you take the first step to providing you pet with a fun and relaxing salon experience with our expert groomers. Call our Southampton, PA pet salon today to book an appointment with one of our groomers at (215) 364-2997 or fill out and submit a Appointment Request Form to get started!

Pet Spa Bath Services in Southampton, PA
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Southampton, PA Maintenance Pet Groom Services

Southampton is a community located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The community receives its name from Southampton, England, which is where the followers of William Penn gathered to set sail to the Province of Pennsylvania. It was in 1685 when Southampton was recognized as a township by the Provincial Council. The borders of Southampton extended all the way up to Bensalem. Years later in 1929, Southampton Township was divided into Upper Southampton and Lower Southampton. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, the people’s way of life in Southampton was farming. 

Southampton, PA Pet Spa Bath Pet Grooming

South Hampton, PA Spa Bath

In South Hampton, taking your pet to a spa bath may be just what they need to feel good! With soothing shampoo and conditioner, your pet will be feeling like brand new in our South Hampton pet grooming location!

Southampton, PA Pet Maintenance Groom Pet Grooming

South Hampton, PA Maintenance Groom

Making sure that your pet receives routine grooming sessions can help keep them just as happy as when you got them! Bringing your pet to our South Hampton pet grooming salon for a maintenance groom will be what they need!

Southampton, PA Full Pet Grooming Package Pet Grooming

South Hampton, PA Full Grooming Package

Does your pet need a full grooming package in the South Hampton area? Our pet grooming salon in South Hampton is open for nearly all pets to receive a full grooming package to help look & feel fresh again!

Southampton, PA Pet Full Grooming

Southampton, PA Pet Full Grooming

Getting your pet groomed is not a one time event and depending on your breed they will need to be routinely groomed every 4 to 12 weeks. You need a pet groomer you can trust in Southampton you can trust to groom your pet. Look no further than Buck Road Pet Grooming Salon, we understand that you are going to be grooming your pet often so we do everything in our power to make an enjoyable experience for both you and your companion. There are many different breeds that require different grooming needs and routine grooming to maintain a healthy coat and skin. When you put your trust in us, your pet will be treated to a stress free and gentle grooming environment throughout the whole process. We pride ourselves in our ability to perform at the highest level of pet grooming in Southampton. Put your trust in our gentle and compassionate Southampton pet grooming salon.